Beliefs and Basque Mythologies:

A Journey into Ancient Wonders

The Joaldunak Experience

5 days / 4 nights itinerary

January the 27th to the 31st  2024

Small groups limited to only 6 people  

Embark on a curated journey through the deep Basque mountains, delving into the intricate tapestry of beliefs, mythology, and cultural treasures.


Experience the unforgettable UNESCO-recognized event, Joaldunak, featuring distinctive characters, mythological places, and mystical sanctuaries.

Explore the magic of the cities of San Sebastián and Bilbao, renowned for their incredible gastronomy and history.

Secure your spot on this exceptional cultural journey!

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The Joaldunak Experience

Experience the age-old Carnival of Ituren and Zubieta, deeply ingrained in local traditions and actively embraced by the community.

At the heart of this celebration are the Joaldun, donned in traditional garb—sandals, lace petticoats, sheep hair, colorful scarves, conical hats with ribbons, and a horsehair swab in their right hand. The resounding allure lies in the large bronze cowbells adorning their hips, rhythmically shaken to awaken the earth from winter’s slumber. This unique festivity, held at the end of January, provides an immersive glimpse into the rich tapestry of Basque culture and tradition.

Our journey is guided by a local expert who unveils the secrets of this remarkable celebration, allowing us to partake in the festivities from an insider’s perspective. Dive into the belief that the end of January  marks the awakening of the bear, symbolizing seasonal change. The Carnival, a winter festival, orchestrates a thunderous ritual, purifying and dispelling the old to usher in the new.

Experience the carnivals from within, witnessing live shows, floats, and stagings for a rare firsthand encounter. Be captivated as you observe the Joaldun getting dressed for the parade, adding an authentic touch to your experience.

The carnival parade unfolds, showcasing the vibrant life and culture of the Water Valleys (Malerreka), providing a unique opportunity to be part of this cultural spectacle.



Travel Agency registered by the Basque Country Tourism Department CEI:2437


Commitment to Tourism Quality for the Travel Agency and the Rural House. Tourism Ethic Code  


European Ecolabel Certification for sustainable lodgment ES-EU/051/00031


Rural House registered by the Basque Country Tourism Department XVI00132

Travelers’ opinions

The best personalized experience in Basque Country!

Thank you again for a wonderful time visiting Basque Country! I only wish I could have spent more time with both of you. Ana, thank you for your hospitality and the genuine kindness you share with all. The work you do to ensure everything is as it should be and to ensure that everyone is taken care of, does not go unnoticed. Iñaki, thank you for taking me on a journey into my past and for ensuring we explored the depths of Basque Country, for sharing dishes so I didn’t miss tasting one thing, and for ensuring we always arrived safely. I hope to visit you again!

Oct 2023 • Jennifer, Solo Female Traveler. USA

Ana and Iñaki, owners of Ulle Gorri, are the most amazing hosts and experts in their field. Caring, knowledgeable, attentive to details, flexible, generous and kind. Their historic home has been remodeled in an incredibly creative and stunning way.

You feel at home the moment you walk in. It is located in a very quiet and scenic pastoral environment that looks like art and where the light sounds of bells worn by the various animals in the surrounding fields, greet you in the morning. Guaranteed to have a peaceful sleep. The green hills were layered with a light fog – dreamlike. It wasn’t until the following morning that I could see the mountains further away, the nearby hamlet, the whole charming picture.

Between the two of them they have a huge repertoire of historical, cultural, culinary, and local knowledge. I can’t think of a question I asked them for which they didn’t know the answer. But all that isn’t sufficient if you can’t rise to unforeseen occurrences. 

I can’t recommend Ulle Gorri and it’s the Land of the Basques Experience enough. They are simply top notch incredible hosts. Enjoy!

Marie– Canada. Female Solo Traveler . Oct 2023

Ulle Gorri Travel is quite unique. We wanted to learn about the Basque Country, with an emphasis on nature and wildlife. Ana and Iñaki designed us a week that we haven’t stopped talking about since we got home! . Iñaki is an excellent guide, making his guests feel comfortable and clearly explaining the sights and thoughts. A visit that will not be forgotten.

May 2023 Wes -- UK

Best vacation experience ever!! Thank you, thank you Ana and Inaki. You have been absolutely amazing hosts – very welcoming, kind and genuine! Celebrating Lily’s birthday with your guidance was the best experience ever!
Anu – San Francisco , USA

Thank you for making it a perfect vacation. You really helped me create what I wanted. I had spend days of research to figure out a dreamy home in the country and coast and having a true country and cultural experience. You made my dream vacation come true and much more.

Your welcome and hospitality matched that of loved relatives. This wasn’t what was expected and asked for. You went that extra mile, just because you cared. You are wonderful people and I’m so glad I found you guys.

Inaki as a guide, you not only had vast knowledge of the place, but were so patient with our group of 8 ladies. Your enthusiasm and love for your region made us experience it as locals. You made the whole experience memorable. And to top it all your singing and sense of humor added that extra that will not be matched. Beautiful voice!

I would recommend you to everyone who is looking for an amazing experience in the beautiful Basque Country (Spain/France), and Pamplona. I would love to come back again with my family. Thank you!!

Ajeeta C. - San Francisco, USA

I had a memorable experience with you both. Having grown up in the Basque Country and travelled the world their knowledge is vast. Inaki’s fun and patient personality only enriched the experience and he is an excellent guide, showing us many hidden gems along the way. Ana’s hospitality was that of a mother, constantly checking to see if we needed anything but without invading our privacy. She has created a dream farmhouse with an astonishing mixture of old and new, a house with authentic pieces and modern amenities at the same time.
Rosey N. - San Francisco, USA

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