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Raptors watching in the Basque Mountains Guide:
Where and when to watch them

14 raptors that you could watch at the Basque mountains
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 In this guide you will find valuable information to prepare your next getaway to watch Birds of Prey.

You will discover one of the most biodiverse natural areas in Europe, with 3 different ecosystems in less than 50 km.

You will find out that you can watch raptors just 1 hour from Bilbao, in protected areas of special interest for birds of the Natura 2000 Network.

You will know the best places  and  the most interesting time of the year to watch different species of raptors .


You will discover the 14 most common species of birds of prey that can be watched in our territory.

Who has prepared the guide and why….

Ornithologist and naturist guides

 We are Ana and Iñaki, owners of Ulle Gorri Travel, a travel agency specialized in nature and birding experiences in the Basque Country, located in the north of Spain. We live in a fascinating area,  in the Mountain range of the divise between Mediterranean and Athlantic  ecosystems in the Basque Mountains,  and we love to share our knowledge and the essence of our country. 

We have created this guide to help birdwatching enthusiasts to prepare a dream getaway in the Basque mountains, to discover our fantastic environment and the birds of prey that fly over our protected areas.

To prepare it, we have counted with  the valuable collaboration of our ornithologists and nature guides and the information contained in the Birding Euskadi catalogue prepared by Basque Tour.

We hope you enjoy the information and that you can come to the land of the Basques to discover its treasures.

Andoni de LLosa, ornithologist and naturist guide from the company Fauneando with extensive experience in the Basque Mountain. He has carried out bird censuses for different entities, birdwatching outings, ornithological workshops, etc.

He also have a hide for observation and photography of forest birds, where we you could observe a multitude of species, including the medium-sized woodpecker. 

Sergio de Juan and Begoña Valcárcel, ornithological and nature guides from the company Equinoccio Natura, with extensive experience since 2005 in the Basque Mountains.

They have also carried out different studies: monitoring of common and non-forest mountain birds, monitoring of red kites and black woodpeckers, bird ringing, etc.


Iñaki Belauste, your main guide to Travel with Local Eyes and  co-owner of Ulle Gorri Travel

Passionate about travels, mountain, nature, bird-watching, books, music with a good knowledge of the history, culture and traditions of the Basque Country.

Apart from that, a Nordic walking instructor, enthusiast birdwatcher and low and medium certified mountain guide.