Art-Cooking, Well Being, Birding And Nature Experiences In The Basque Country

Unique & Exclusive & Custom Travel Planning For Small Groups

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We would like to propose a mindful travel weekend experience for a small groups.

Stay at our antique Basque farmhouse, located in a fantastic and magical environment at the Basque Mountains; enjoy private Art- Cooking experiences; take part of wellness and wellbeing activities in the nature, discover great natural landscapes, birdwatching and learn about our culture and traditions.

Mindful travel involves being present for the experiences you’re having in a new place. When you are truly present in a new place, engage with locals, and immerse yourself in the experience, you’ll actually end up feeling happier and more fulfilled.

This travel program offers a relaxed way to travel to the Basque Country with your group of friends, colleagues and/or family to enjoy an experience based trip, accompanied with an exclusive local and highly cultured host guide, from our beautiful & antique Basque Rustic Home, Baserri Ulle Gorri.

Discover with us our culture, special gastronomic experiences and some of the most iconic and stunning places at the Basque Mountains, perfect spots for birding, nature watching and Nordic Walking: Itxina, massive fortress at Gorbeia Natural Park and “Salto del Nervión”, the highest waterfall in Spain with more than 250mt fall.

Our collaboration with Red Star- Izar Gorria tribe at Apregindana, allow us to offer wellness and wellbeing programs to create a being present experience within the magical environment surrounding Ulle Gorri Baserri.

The Cooking Art Experience proposed is the art of cooking where food is consumed as close to its natural state, raw, marinated, fermented, activated and / or dehydrated. Cooking this way, we preserve the benefits of food (enzymes, vitamins, minerals, etc.) using various creative processes that allow us to obtain delicious dishes of great taste, texture and with beautiful appearance without alterating the integrity of the food.

This is a draft program that could be customized depending on the group preferences and your available time. Your stay could be extended with extra Mindful days on your own.

Minimum Group

Maximum Group


From:  525€ Per person


Pick up at the airport or other agreed point, transfer and check in UlleGorri Baserria, an old Basque Farmhouse in the mountains, about 45min car ride from Bilbao Airport and 20 min from Vitoria -Gasteiz airport.

Depending on the time available, hiking guided route (option Nordic Walking) through the Sea of Meadows surrounding the country house, to enjoy the sunset, visit the pretty and rural village of Untza and its Txoko (basque social gastronomic club).

Optional: Nordic Walking basic course following the 10 steps INWA method.

Minimum 6 people. 3 hours

Art-Cooking dinner experience at the farmhouse created and served by Izar Gorria “Red Star” Accommodation at Ulle Gorri Baserria.

 Sheeps in the meadows in Basque Country Foggy Unza Mountain - View from Ulle Gorri House Views from the dining area in Ulle Gorri House Blue windows in the farmhouse in Basque Country

Guided meditation before live cooking breakfast at Ulle Gorri Baserria. Guided hiking route to Itxina, Gorbea Mountain’s Hidden Gem.

Walking time 4 hours. 300mt overcome.

Level: medium .

Transfer to Gorbeia entrance included.

Itxina is a rocky fortress nestled in the heart of Gorbeia Mountain. It is the essence of the most emblematic mountain for the Basques, the place where Nature and Mythology meet to turn their landscape into a magical place, full of mysteries, secrets and natural treasures. Declared a Protected Biotope in 1995, this karst massif is more than a singular geological space. Over time, the water has been dissolving the rock, causing holes in the terrain and fracturing the rock in the form of grooves or channels .

We propose a guided route through the labyrinth of paths between carbonate rocks created by ancient coalmen, woodcutters or shepherds who dared to venture into its chaos, always with a venerable respect, as shown by the countless legends of the massif, home for Basajaun, Lord of the Forest and Supelegor Cave, one of Mari Goddess’ abide.

The lunch, prepared with love and care by Izar Gorria- Red Star with sostenible packaging, will be taken by each of the travelers to the route.

Transfer to Ulle Gorri and enjoy an evening just being present and relaxing or taking part of some optional well-being & wellness activities.

Meditation time before dinner and Live Cooking Art experience dinner prepared and served by Izar Gorria -Red
Star. Accommodation at Ulle Gorri Baserria.

Mountain Routes in Basque Country 2 Itxina Mountain - Guided Routes in Basque Country Gorbeia views at sunset - Basque Country Guided Routes  white bedroom for rent in a traditional farmhouse

Meditation before breakfast. Afterwards from the farmhouse, with our boots on we start a hiking route, Nordic walking option, to discover the Path of the Wolves and Nervion source.

This is an “off the beaten path” route that runs at the edge of the sierra through spectacular landscapes that will take us to Nervión’s source, passing through the unknown and mysterious Gibijo’s wolfhound.

Following the course of the river we will finally arrive to the impressive Nervión Fall. After heavy rains or during the thaw, the waterfall, which plunges into the Delika Canyon from more than 220 meters, the highest in Spain, is very impressive. And even though during several months it does not carry water, the route and landscapes are just as spectacular.

Picnic prepared and served by Red Star in the mountains. Transfer to Ulle Gorri, check out and transfer to Bilbao or Vitoria – Gasteiz airport.

Hiking Nervion's source and wolve's path - Mountain Routes Trekking in Basque Country with a local guide 1 Trekking in Basque Country with a local guide 2 Hiking waterfall route in Basque Country Nervion river source and waterfall in Monte de Santiago


After walking massages

Time 30”. Individual

Conscious touch massage.

Conscious touch massage. Harmonious integration of distinctive healing techniques. It ranges from the physical engagement of deep tissue massage, through passive yoga stretches, to delicate re-balancing of subtle energies. This powerful process creates a space for healing by detoxifying and awakening body, heart and soul.

Time : 1 h. Individual

Lyfe kitchen workshop.

LYFE means Love Your Food Everyday. You will be creating vegan, feel-good-food that tastes amazing & makes your body feel great.  The dinner will be prepared by the participants and served by Izar Gorria. This activity will substitute the Art Cooking dinner Experience.

Duration: 3 hours .
Minimum 6 people.

Forest bathing

From sensorial experiences to Forest´s heart. Just being in the presence of trees heals your mind and body. This Japanese practice is proven to lower heart rate and blood pressure, reduce stress hormone production, boost the immune system, and improve overall feelings of wellbeing.

Duration: 2 hours 30“.
Minimum 6 people.

Nature and dance activity

Nature and dance activity focussed particularly for transfusing the essence of dance into the essence of nature and the essence of nature into the essence of dance. The human being is integrally connected with nature however nowadays we have managed to disconnect from the power and the beauty that nature can offer us.

Living in hectic busy metropolis has alienated us from the vital energy mother Earth open-heartedly and unconditionally offers. Now we are living in a time where we should make an effort to re-connect back to nature in this beautiful world. Elements refer to the wood, fire, earth, metal and water that encircle us wherever we go, however we rarely pay attention to relate and communicate.

Duration: 2 hours 30 “
Minimum 6 people.

Mindful Extra Days

If the group wants to extend the stay, we can provide extra days with full board accommodation, with Cooking Art experiences, itineraries suggested and self guided hiking routes close to the farmhouse including transfer to mountain areas close by. You can take part of the optional mindful experiences with Izar Gorria and visit near by cities: Orduña, Vitoria-Gasteiz by bike and Bilbao.

If the groups prefers to discover some of the fantastic local gastronomy, we can also provide half board accommodation with Cooking Art experiences prepared by Izar Gorria- Red Star, and suggest and book at extraordinary restaurants for lunch time. You can take part of the mindful experiences with Izar Gorria.


Minimum 6, maximum 8 travelers
Price per person in double occupancy. From 525€

Possibility of 2 individual rooms

Dates: Weekends all over the year, except Christmas, Easter and July&August. Ask for our special programs
for these seasons.

Included in the price:
2 nights accommodation at Baserri Ulle Gorri – Etxea house – exclusively for your group

Full board Art Cooking Experience, Live cooking meals:
• 2 breakfast
• 1 forest picnic
• 1 take away mountain meal for hiking
• 1 dinner at Ulle Gorri Baserria
• 1 dinner at Untza Txoko if available , or at Ulle Gorri Baserria

Hiking (Nordic Walking option) guided routes
• Itxina, the hidden gem at Gorbeia Natural Park. 6 hours, 4 hours walking. 300 mt slope
• Nervion Waterfall wolves´ path. 4 hours including forest picnic. 2 hours walking. 150 mt slope

Guided mindfulness meditation before breakfast and dinner. 30”
Exclusive dedication of the Basque hosts – guides during your stay
Liability Insurance and trekking activities insurance
All local transfers included by Minivan

Not included:
Drinks are not included in the meals.
Opcional guided routes
Optional Wellness & Well-being activities
Travel insurance

Extra Mindful day
• Full board accommodation, including art cooking experience and self guided hiking trails: from 130€/person
• Half board accommodation, Breakfast & dinner art cooking experience, self guiding hiking trails & restaurants recommendations / bookings : from 90€/person

Ask for the possibility to rent the minivan for your group to visit other places of the Basque Country on your
own. We will provide with valuable information to enjoy each routes and discover the best gastronomy.

Optional activities :
Nordic Walking Course: + 20 €/person, minimum 6 people, 3 hours including in the Sea of Meadows guided
Art- cooking Live meal workshop: + 20€/ person, minimum 6 people . Live meal . 3 hours. This activity
will substitute the Art Cooking dinner Experience
After walking massages: Time 30” . Individual. 35€
Conscious touch massage: Time 1 h . Individual. Price : 60€

• Experiences in Nature
Forest bathing: Time 2 hours 30 “. Minimum 6 people. Price: 25€ per person
Nature and dance Workshop: Time 2 hours 30 “. Minimum 6 people. Price : 25€ per person


Booking deposit: 30%. Final balance payment 30 days before the trip

Cancellation policy: 0% cancellation fee before 45 days, 50% cancellation fee between 30 to 45 days, 75% between 15 and 30 days and 100% with less than 14 days.

Accommodation: Baserri Ulle Gorri is a rustic home, old Basque Farmhouse, with 5 rooms and 4 bathrooms, bog kitchen, living room with fire, for exclusive use of the group.

Txoko: Basque traditional social club where friends prepare lunch together and enjoy the company. If Untza´s Txoko were available, the dinner could be prepared as the traditional way.

Cooking Art Experience. Live cooking, is a delicate way to cook, where food is consumed as close to its natural state, raw, marinated, fermented, activated and / or dehydrated. In any case in its preparation we will not exceed 45 degrees Celsius which is the temperature maximum ‘that our mother earth can reach under the sun exposure. Cooking this way, we preserve the benefits of food (enzymes, vitamins, minerals, etc.) using various creative processes that allow us to obtain delicious dishes of great taste, texture and beautiful appearance without alterating the integrity of the food. We are what we eat and food is our medicine.

Drinks: Craft Beer, Rioja Red Wine, Txakoli white wine could be bought at Ulle Gorri.

Renault Traffic Combi Rented minivan for 8 travelers that also could be rented by the group during the days exploring the Basque Country on its own. Full risk insurance with no excess. Important note: The driver assigned by the group to drive the minivan during the days it is used by the group by its own, will be responsible for any possible traffic fines and their payment.

Hiking /Nordic Walking Routes. The routes are suitable for all personas with a standard physical condition, with or without Nordic Walking techniques experience. For those who want to experience their first Nordic Walking route, a basic guidelines will be provided to perform the exercise effectively. The aim is that all the group enjoys the trail, so there will be stops to regroup and to give explanations. Nordic Walking Poles rented included.

Hiking recommended equipment: Mountain boots, basic hiking equipment (back pack to carry the water and some food), proper clothes for walking, change of clothes, and depending on the season, warm clothing, raincoat, etc.

Travel program. This is a different, exclusive, relaxing and mindful experience in the Basque Country, based on an off-the-beaten-path philosophy but also focused on wellbeing activities in the nature. The travel program may have some variations due to climatological issues, unexpected events, improvements of the travel program always up to the host -guide criteria and the group condition. Very important: the hiking activity will depend on the mountain and climatological conditions, in case the weather is not suitable to do the activity, an alternative experience will be scheduled. Remember that this is not a touristic package, but a mindful

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