Basque Country Experience Project

  Iñaki and I (Ana) met more than 20 years ago, when we were living in Malaysia, and since then we´ve shared life, many trips and fantastic experiences all over the world.

We´ve been traveling mostly on our own, until we´ve realized that, in some countries where we had no contacts or friends and where we were not able to communicate directly with the locals, we felt out of place and more as a tourist.

Years later, we´ve started this  «new-life» venture, setting up a boutique income travel agency, with the aim to offer special trips to experience the Basque Country WITH LOCAL EYES .

“The Land of the Basques Experience” is a life project that aims to offer the kind of trip we would have liked to enjoy in the Basque Country, sharing our house, our gastronomic preferences, our friends, experiences and knowledge of culture, traditions and history  to help travelers who visit us to integrate into the local life during the duration of the trip.

And we’ve found Ulle Gorri, a beautiful traditional Basque house, with a fantastic rehabilitation that has kept the soul and essence of the old farmhouses . An we fall in love with its spectacular surroundings, which is the area where Iñaki spent his youth. The house has been adapted to be a  fantastic and  sustainable accommodation for small groups of travelers who want to discover our land with us.

From our antique farmhouse Ulle Gorri, we combine Nordic walking routes, hiking, walking and touring around the Basque Country to make sure that your stay with us becomes part of your own life’s experience.

The exceptional location of Ulle Gorri, allows to visit the entire Basque Country on day routes and return to the comfort of a traditional house that will make you feel as your own home.

Iñaki Belaustegigoitia

Basque Globetrotter, I have visited more than 70 countries and lived  part of my life in different continents. Every place I visit becomes part of my life experience and I would like your stay in the Basque Country could make you feel the same.

Passionate about travels, mountain, nature, bird-watching, books, music with a good knowledge of the history, culture and traditions of the Basque Country. Apart from that, I´m a Nordic walking instructor and low and medium certified mountain guide.

I can communicate in fluent French, fluent English, and bilingual in Basque language and Spanish. Mindfulness practitioner.

I have a passion that I would like to share with you: I love my country and I enjoy every visit of friends and travelers to the Basque Country showing them amazing places, our antique culture and rich traditions of our land.

Ana Villanueva

After traveling around the world and lived in different countries, I´d realized that my own, the Basque Country, is the place I really want to live and work.

I’ve always loved to host my friends at home and now we are hosting travelers´ groups in our beautiful Rural Home (caserío or baserri in Basque language).

Ulle Gorri, our rural  home, is located in one of the most amazing places of the Basque Mountains, but at the same time in a perfect location to visit almost everyplace in the Basque Country by short car rides.

Traveller, nature lover, biologist and dive-master, also an amateur photographer embracing impressionism photography techniques and mindfulness way of living. I love sharing my passions with our travelers – friends. Besides I can communicate in fluent English, French and of course in Spanish.

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