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Guided Nature Interpretation routes & trails 

The Basque Country is small, mountainous, diverse and very well connected. The privileged location of the old farmhouse Ulle Gorri, only 10 minutes away from the highway, allows you to visit almost anywhere in The Land of the Basques by taking a short car ride. 

The farmhouse is surrounded by three natural spaces of the Natura 2000 network: Gorbea Natural Park, Arkamo-Gibijo-Arrastaria mountain ranges and the oak woods of Urkabustaiz. It is a magnificent enclave for birdwatching : around 160 pairs of vultures nest on the walls of Arrastaria and it is one of the few places where Royal Kites can be watched in a great number. In spring there are also a multitude of herons and storks that come to find food in the meadows that surround the village.
From our rustic farmhouse, we want to offer a unique stay to travelers wh want to discover the Land of the Basques, from a different perspective (not just a tourist). With the aid of a local expert host , who will go with you on this exclusive journey to know our culture, traditions, local festivals, history, heritage and the most beautiful places of this land that we love so deeply. 

If you’re already touring Europe, why not travel through the pyrenees mountains into Spain and view the natural beauty of the north. Try the best mountain routes in the Basque Country courtesy of our local basque guide (who knows Bilbao and these mountains like the back of his hand).


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