Nervión River

River Source and the Wolves Path

 Nervión River Fall and the Wolves and Vultures` Path

This hiking trail (a nordic walking option) starting  from Ulle Gorri Baserri or Bilbao and running through the Wolves path, is still used at this present times. This beautiful “off the beaten path” route runs along the edge of the mountain through spectacular landscapes taking us to Nervión River’s Sources and Fall.

Following the course of the river to the impressive Nervion waterfall, alowing us to take in Mount Santiago’s forest and the antique wolfhound. After heavy rains or during the thaw, the impressive waterfall plunges into the Delika canyon from more than 220 meters, the highest waterfall in Spain.

During the dry seasons, although it does not carry water, the route and the landscapes are just as incredible. We will discover the National Monument of Mount Santiago hiding away from typical tourist sights, to see the mysterious and beautiful stone-paved forest.

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Departures: Saturdays throughout the year, preferably after heavy rain or during the wet season, to enjoy the impressive waterfall at its best. Durng the dry season the spectacle is just as incredible .

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  • Level of Difficulty 40% 40%

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