Itxina, Gorbeia Mountain Hidden Gem


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Itxina, Gorbea Mountain’s Hidden Gem

Itxina is a rocky fortress nestled in the heart of Gorbeia Mountain. It is the essence of the most emblematic mountain for the Basques, the place where Nature and Mythology meet to turn their landscape into a magical place, full of mysteries, secrets and natural treasures.

Declared a Protected Biotope in 1995, this karst massif  is  more than a singular geological space. Over time, the water has been dissolving the rock, causing holes in the terrain and fracturing the rock in the form of grooves or channels .

We propose a guided route through the labyrinth of paths between carbonate rocks created by ancient coalmen, woodcutters or shepherds who dared to venture into its chaos, always with a venerable respect, as shown by the countless legends of the massif, from Basajaun to Mari. It’s one of the best routes to discover new places, view spectacular mountains and uncover unique gems from the Basque Country.
The area of Gorbeia has an incredible natural park, unique in all of Spain. You can search for more information about Gorbeia and surrounding areas, to make sure your visit makes you feel the most at home while in Basque lands.

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