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Nordic Walking Courses


Nordic Walking is an endurance sport and outdoor exercise that involves walking with the help of poles similar to those used in skiing.

It is the fastest growing recreational physical activity today. Originating from Finland, as a summer method  of training for cross-country skiers.

Currently used for coronary and pulmonary diseases prevention and in multiple rehabilitation programs.

Nordic Walking is a form of walking that includes not only the action of the legs as in normal running, but also the upper body, with two special poles, designed specifically for this activity.

We organize Nordic Walking courses following the  “10 steps” Methodology of INWA (International Nordic Walking Association), also called diagonal or traditional technique. It is the most well-known technique in the world and the most of the scientifically studies have been carried out.

The ultimate goal of Nordic Walking is to maximize health benefits, minimizing the risk of injury.

Would you like to take a Nordic Walking initiation course with us?


We encourage you to learn a very healthy and fun physical activity to perform in groups.

The initiation courses are carried out with qualified instructors, both in Bilbao and from the Rural House Ulle Gorri in Untza (40 minutes from Bilbao and 20 from Vitoria-Gasteiz), in a magnificent, flat environment with spectacular views of the mountains and mountain ranges that surround it.

After a first introduction to the Nordic Walking technique, a guided tour is carried out, covering the history, traditions, curiosities and culture of Bilbao, discovering it bridge by bridge or from the Ulle Gorri rural house with a tour along  Gorbea the Sea of Meadows .

We would love to guide you through this new physical activity that we are sure will surprise you. 


Customized Nordic Walking Programs


From the old farmhouse Ulle Gorri, there are many beautiful flat walking routes ideal for Nordic Walking practice and suitable for all physical conditions. It is a privileged area for the great walkers who can join different routes and continue the journey as long as they wish.

Most of the routes and paths in the Basque Country can be done by Nordic Walking, specially those  hiking paths surrounding the  Ulle Gorri  Country house.

Take a look at the routes where you can practice Nordic Walking. 

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