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Customized Gastronomic Routes


The Basque Country is known for its excellent cuisine. All family and friends celebrations take place around a good table of food and you can enjoy varieties suitable for all budgets.

The best of Basque cuisine can be enjoyed “potes and pintxos”, in local restaurants (Jatetxeas) that offer the best of the land and the sea, in our farmhouse with exclusive meals cooked by great professional cooks or in one of the 20 Michelin star restaurants in the area.

There are many gastronomic routes that you can try: in the seaports tasting typical seafood flavors, following the path of the shepherds that produce the famous Idiazabal cheese or visiting the places with the best sweets/desserts.

Sample our famous cod fish, traditional spanish stuffed peppers or one of the new dishes our local basque chefs are continually cooking up. Make sure to try our red wine, Rioja alavesa, and get information so you can take your favorite recipes home.
We can also offer inhouse cooking recipies and workshops with the ingredients required to prepare a graeat basque meal, and also vegan or vegetarian options.

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