The Ancient city of Orduña

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Orduña Old City Tour


In the Valley of Arrastaria, with the Virgin of Orduña watching from her high throne, is located the old city of Urduña / Orduña, the only city in all of the Bizkaian territory that holds such title and it´s only 10 km away from Ulle Gorri country house.

Orduña, located in a place of singular beauty, is a crossroads, the dividing line of Cantabrian – Mediterranean waters and the step from the Castilian plateau that descend towards the Cantabrian valleys. A strategic position that has allowed it to witness the changes and the evolution of history.

We offer an exclusive guided tour to the ancient city of Orduña which dates from 1229 AD, discovering the most important moments of its history.

This walk can be combined with routes “with our boots on” routes from Ulle Gorri country house, descending through the port of Bagate and including a guided visit to Artomaña Txakoli winery, famous for its great Eukeni txakoli.

Take this tour to find out more information about this special Basque community – la ciudad de Orduña.

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