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Vitoria – Gasteiz, Medieval City

Gasteiz, Medieval City


The visit to Vitoria-Gasteiz´s Historic District, declared a Monumental Complex in 1997, will take us to places where time seems to stand still.

Travel to Spain and let our guide show you the best that the Basque Country (especially what the ‘ciudad de Vitoria-Gasteiz’) has to offer. With the Old Artium, the plaza, la virgen, the art, the museum and so much more to discover, you don’t want to miss out on the beautiful old sights of Vitoria-Gasteiz.

The original medieval layout,  in an almond form , has remained intact since its foundation by  the King  Sancho VI “The Wise” more than 8 centuries ago. The medieval city centre with its charming atmosphere is well-preserved. It  has already received 3 Europa Nostra awards, that support the work carried out in the rehabilitation and recovery of emblematic spaces and buildings of the medieval almond.

The Historical Center is based on a hill presided by Santa María´s Cathedra. Next to the Cathedral, the towers of t San Miguel, San Vicente and San Pedro churches form the best known shape of the city.

Its streets still maintain themes of the artisan crafts that were located there: Blacksmithing, Shoemaking, Cutlery, Painting… These streets are home to the oldest and most unique buildings in the city.
During the walk through the old town, you will also find  time to try our lavish Basque cuisine in the form of “pintxos” at local bars, taverns and restaurants that you will throughout the neighborhood.
On the relaxed route, between pintxos and wines, there are also palaces and medieval buildings such as the “Casa del Cordón”, “Hurtado tower”, the “Portalón/Escoriaza-Esquivel”, “Montehermoso” or Bendaña palaces, which  mostly host cultural centers or Museums.

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